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Chicago is History
Ocotber 2002

The School of Architecture and the City Design Center, at the College of Architecture and the Arts at UIC developed CHICAGO IS HISTORY, an international conference on modern architecture, design innovation, and public process in Chicago. The five days of conference presentations and panel discussions featured keynote lectures by internationally renowned architects Daniel Libeskind (Berlin), Julie Eizenberg (Santa Monica), and Henk Doll (Netherlands).
For much of its history, Chicago was internationally known and respected as a site for innovation and experimentation in the making of modern architecture. The conference focused on the broad environment that supported world-class architecture for a century, and asked: how was this environment created and sustained; has it been lost and, if so, why? Which cities have replaced Chicago as the center of innovation in modern architecture and why? Case study presentations explored the cultural, economic, and public sector aspects of Chicago's architectural history. The conference attracted an international group of leading architects, planners, developers, historians, community representatives, and public sector officials.



City Design Center
School of Architecture, University of Illinois at Chicago


Daniel Libeskind, Daniel Libeskind Studio, Berlin
Julie Eizenberg, Kooning Eizenberg Architects, Santa Monica
Henk Doll, Mecanoo Architecten, Netherlands
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