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Design Matters Symposium
Anticipated in Fall 2001

The City Design Center held a national symposium to launch the Design Matters: Best Practices in Affordable Housing catalog. The symposium provided various forums for professionals involved in affordable housing production - developers, architects, financiers, representatives of governmental agencies and others - to discuss the pressing issues surrounding the design of affordable housing. Plenaries, panels, case studies and workshops addressed such issues as: construction cost containment; impact of design regulations and review; designing for diverse households; fair housing act accessibility requirements; methods of community participation; energy and resource efficiency; self-help housing; making density work; adaptive reuse; manufactured housing; alternative building materials; accessory apartments; affordable housing design education; and achieving aesthetic quality for modest cost. Two exhibits accompanied the symposium: “Points of View, From Chicago’s Affordable Housing Community,” and a digital exhibit, “Design Matters Interactions.”

Symposium Coordinator

Roberta Feldman, Professor, School of Architecture, and Director, City Design Center

Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Drew Browning, Associate Professor, School of Art and Design
Tasneem Chowdhury, Coordinator, Affordable Housing Program, City Design Center
Elizabeth Kocs, Design Research Associate, City Design Center


Fannie Mae Foundation
Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts
Private Donors
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