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Charting Community Assets

Near West Side Housing Inventory
Fall 1998

The Near West Side of Chicago has undergone extensive changes over the last few years, with the construction of several new residential developments, as well as social service and recreational facilities. To help guide continued redevelopment, the Near West Side Development Corporation (NWSDC) has created a revitalization plan for the neighborhood. The City Design Center had assisted in Phase1 of the plan in 1997 by tracking vacant lots on the Near West Side and analyzing the surrounding conditions. With this basic database prepared, NWSDC again requested the services of the City Design Center for Phase 2 of the project: to identify and gather information on buildings suitable for redevelopment, and to research government and banking programs to assist both redevelopers and homebuyers.

NWSDC specifically targeted a sector of the West Haven neighborhood, bounded by Damen on the east, Western on the west, Madison on the north, and Van Buren on the south. The City Design Center photographed the buildings and recorded information such as the physical condition, type of rehabilitation work needed, building occupancy, type of construction, and size of building. The Center staff also researched the tax identification number and ownership information of each property. This information was organized on a map that located all of the properties in relation to each other and to organizations and facilities in the neighborhood. The final report has been utilized as marketing material in an attempt, according to Tom Forman, “to promote development of the available land and buildings to small scale developers.”

chicago map with project location
Map of Chicago with project location

City Design Center Affiliated Faculty

Tom Forman, Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Architecture, and Associate Director, City Design Center

Collaborating Organization

West Side Consortium


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
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