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Charting Community Assets

North Lawndale Property Monitoring System
Spring 1999

North Lawndale community development organizations that seek to revitalize their community through new and rehabilitated housing and commercial developments are hampered by the lack of necessary property data. In an attempt to obtain community information and to utilize and share the information effectively, four North Lawndale community organizations - Agency Metropolitan Program Services, H.I.C.A., Inc., Lawndale Business and Local Development Corporation, and Lawndale Christian Development Corporation - have formed a partnership to share in the development and results of a computer-based property monitoring system. They have asked the City Design Center to develop the system on the Internet. Each organization will use and enhance the property information system for its own program needs. Steeve Kidd, Executive Director of AMPS, explains that “The North Lawndale community partners in this initiative believe that this system is essential in our organizations’ ability to work effectively in our community. This system will allow us to monitor neighborhood change and plan for future development.”
The City Design Center has begun to develop the mapping framework for the property monitoring system. Utilizing the Geographic Information System (GIS) program, the web-based system will contain mapped and tabular information on parcel data, assessor’s property data, city-owned vacant land, housing court data, historic landmarks, street information, institutions, minority-owned businesses, industrial employers, and aerial photographs. It will provide the North Lawndale collaborating organizations and residents with information about community conditions and development proposals that they could not otherwise access.

chicago map with project location
Map of Chicago with project location

City Design Center Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Robert Bruegmann, Professor, Department of Art History
Lin Dou, Resident Librarian, UIC Library
Diane Farley, Program Coordinator, City Design Center
George Hemmens, Professor, College of Urban Planning and Policy, and Co-Director, City Design Center
John Shuler, Documents Librarian, UIC Library
Alex Stern, Associate Director, Adjunct Associate Professor School of Architecture, Technology Coordinator College of Architecture and the Arts

Collaborating Organizations

Agency Metropolitan Program Services (AMPS)
H.I.C.A., Inc.
Lawndale Business and Local Development Corporation (LBLDC)
Lawndale Christian Development
Corporation (LCDC)


UI Advanced Learning Technologies in Higher Education (ALTHE)
UIC College of Architecture and the Arts
UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
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