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Urban Business Districts

Since 1995 the City Design Center has provided design and planning assistance for Chicago-area commercial districts. The Centerís mission is to improve the appearance and function of the built environment. In 2004 the City Design Center launched the Revitalizing Urban Business Districts Program to provide strategies for communities to enhance their disinvested retail districts. The Center has provided Comprehensive Retail Plans to several Chicago-area municipalities and development agencies. 
Project Components
• Community meetings and charrettes
• Business and building inventories
• Critical issues and needs assessment
• Customer and business surveys
• Retail market evaluation
• Urban design concepts

City Design Center Highlights
• Multidisciplinary expertise from University faculty
• Innovative planning and design strategies
• An emphasis on community participation
• Action-oriented implementation strategies
Program Product
The chief product of the Program is a Comprehensive
Retail Plan that examines the commercial environment,
assesses critical issues and provides a focused, achievable
roadmap for stimulating commercial investment and
improving the physical environment.


Comprehensive Plans

Village of Burham Comprehensive Retail Plan

City of Whiting Commerical Redevelopment Plan

Rogers Park Community Comprehensive Retail Study

Village of Worth Comprehensive Retail Plan

District Design

Humboldt Park Community, North Avenue Streetscape Beautification Plan

Pilsen Community Identity for a Commercial Corridor

Pilsen Community Facade and Streetscape Improvements

Pilsen Community Commerical Redevelopment Feasibility Study

Near West Side Community Commerical Redevelopment Design

Lawndale Commuity Streetscape Research and Design Assistance

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