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Architecture and planning schools are continually being challenged to better prepare students for practice. At the same time, many are calling for greater emphasis on social and environmental responsibility in students’ education. While such challenges create a strong impetus to address these issues in the curriculum, they also require changes in pedagogy. The CityLab studio, a joint planning and architecture course sponsored by the City Design Center, gives planning and architecture students an opportunity to learn about each others’ professions, and about balancing multiple interests and viewpoints in the design and planning process, while working on ‘real world’ design and planning projects in Chicago area communities. “CityLab was one of the first projects of the City Design Center,” notes George Hemmens, “and was designed to facilitate the Center’s primary goals: to bring together the significant strengths of the UIC Architecture and Urban Planning Programs; to bring this into the community to provide useful service to Chicago; and to enhance the educational experiences of our students.”
CityLab creates opportunities for faculty and students to participate in active citizenship by promoting the role of architecture and planning in support of the public interest. Students and faculty who benefit from such experiences, in turn, bring back challenges to their institutions about the means and ends of architectural and planning education and practice.


Creating Community Places: City Lab in Chinatown

Establishing an Identity for a Commercial corridor: CityLab in Pilsen

A Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy: CityLab in Morgan Park

Coping with Growth: CityLab 1995 in Lockport, Illinois

Encourging Community Revitalization: CityLab 1996 in North Lawndale

Bush Revitalized: CityLab 2001 in the Bush Community



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