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Community Planning

Community planning is essential to the development, growth, and strengthening of any neighborhood. It guides the physical framework of neighborhood revitalization, growth, and/or preservation. The Center brings community residents and organizations, and government agencies together to analyze community assets and challenges, and develop alternative urban designs and plans to foster community dialog. Through the faculty’s and students’ multi-disciplinary expertise in urban planning, architecture, and urban design, the Center addresses a broad range of issues including: the community’s regional and local infrastructure and open space, the neighborhood’s utilities, places of business, housing, shops, playgrounds, schools, and other neighborhood institutions. Likewise, the Center considers the proposals within the real world of financing, politics, and approvals.


Washington Park Planning Project

Pilsen Community Framework Plan

Roosevelt Corridor Research Action Plan

A Map for Change: Asset Map of the Near West Side

Managing Information for Development Planning: Tracking Land Parcels on the Near West Side

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