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Community Services

Viable community services - social service agencies, recreational facilities, educational institutions, libraries, community centers, child and elderly daycare centers, and many others - are indispensable to a neighborhood’s quality of life. They provide essential services and opportunities for neighbors to build a cohesive social life. Creative design of community service facilities is integral to their effective functioning. The City Design Center has been asked to assist in the needs assessment and design of several community service facilities. Community service feasibility studies and facility design, however, have been part of many other of the Center’s assistance projects as well, especially those addressing broader community planning.


Daycare Needs Assessment

West Side Home Daycare Training Institute

Connecting Communities and Mass Transit: Transit-Oriented Development Prototypes for the RTA

Finding Room to Grow: Benito Juarez High School Expansion Study

Sustaining History: Design Research for St. Olaf College

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