City Design Center Overview
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Interactive Websites

The City Design Center’s interactive website program utilizes the Internet to communicate state-of-the-art design information to improve the urban built environment. These interactive websites show new ways to communicate, teach, and research visual, textual, and statistical information. For instance, a click on a base map can yield visual images - photographs of buildings, areas and street level photographs, building plans, sections, and elevations; or it can show various scale maps and text-based and quantitative information - surveys of historic and landmark buildings, census data, land use data, and parcel and property information; or a click can activate a search mechanism that allows people to access information on various aspects of a building such as the developer, architect, location, building type, construction practices, financing, and so on.
The center’s interactive website program is being developed through the collaboration of faculty and staff of the College of Architecture and the Arts, the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, and the UIC Library. It provides critical information about the built environment to facilitate more inclusive and informed design decision-making.


Chicago Imagebase

Teaching History Through Architecture

Design Matters: Best Practices in Affordable Housing Catalog

Wilmette Historic Preservation Commission

MPC Neighborhood Guide to Zoning


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