Letter from the Dean

Judith Russi Kirshner
The transformations that characterize the artistic and instructional missions of the College's four units--Architecture, Art and Design, Art History and Performing Arts--have been more evident than ever during the past year. Our annual task of teaching more than a thousand undergraduate has been aided by the long-awaited major physical improvements to several of our facilities. In February, hundreds attended a celebration marking the opening of a temporary new Art and Design facility in a renovated Jewel Grocery Store, which now includes light, spacious new classrooms and a Gallery 400 exhibition site designed by Associate Dean Bruno Ast. Long overdue renovations are also dramatic improvements in the Art and Architecture Building where new Architecture offices, designed by Professor Douglas Garofalo, and a state of the art Electronic Visualization facility shared with Industrial Design and Architecture are now in use. Designed by Joe Valerio of Valerio Dewalt Train, this laboratory complex will enable the experimentation and design central to interdisciplinary instruction and cutting edge technology.

More remarkable, however, is that while state budgets for higher education have undergone their own transformation, shrinking in the face of a contracting economy, our faculty, staff, and students have maintained a standard of excellence for which we continuously earn national recognition as an important arts educational program.

Recruited from the University of Cincinnati in a national search, Professor Daniel S. Friedman, new Director of the School of Architecture, is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Architectural Education, and author of multiple critical publications.

It is not, however, simply the professional practice and artistic achievements of our faculty that ensure our continued success. An equally important element of our national and international reputation is the spectrum of achievement of College alumni, who continue to exemplify the outstanding arts education and professional preparation that we provide.

Please join us at our lectures, exhibitions, and performances -- growing evidence of our dedication to bringing diverse audiences to the arts and to the crucial task of educating the next generation of cultural leadership.
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