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Tanvi Bhatt, PhD, PT

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Physical Therapy

1919 W. Taylor St, B-56 (MC898)

Chicago, IL, 60612


E-mail: tanvib@yahoo.com

Phone:  312-355-3843

Fax:       312-996-4583


Dr. Bhatt graduated with a BS in Physical Therapy from University of Mumbai , India in 1997.  She completed her MS in Rehabilitation from University of Manitoba , Canada in 2000.  Her master¨s research focused on examining corrective balance reactions in chronic stroke patients following platform perturbations.  She obtained her PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago with specialization in Motor Control and Learning.  Her doctoral work focused on examining the contribution of gait stability for prevention of slip-related backward balance loss and better understanding the mechanisms underlying its control.  Her dissertation examined effect of walking speed on recovery from slips and the neuromechanical adaptive strategies for prevention of slip-related backward balance.  Further she developed a motor training paradigm to prevent and retain such backward balance loss for long intervals. 

  Research interests

She is currently completing a post-doctoral term at the University of Illinois at Chicago broadening her research for prevention of slip-related falls to the healthy older adult and pathological population.  Her clinical interests lie in rehabilitation of individuals with chronic sensory-motor and balance impairments. 

  Selected publications    

1   Bhatt, T. and Y.-C. Pai (2005). "Long-term retention of gait stability improvements." Journal of Neurophysiology 94: 1971-1979.

2   Bhatt, T., E. Wang and Y.-C. Pai (2006). "Retention of adaptive control over varying intervals:  Prevention of slip-induced backward balance loss during gait." Journal of Neurophysiology 95(5): 2913-2922.

3   Bhatt, T., J. D. Wening and Y.-C. Pai (2005). "Influence of gait speed on stability: Recover from anterior slips and compensatory stepping." Gait and Posture 21: 146-156.

4   Bhatt, T., J. D. Wening and Y.-C. Pai (2006). "Adaptive control of gait stability in reducing slip-related backward loss of balance." Experimental Brain Research 170(1): 61-73.





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