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PSYCHOLOGY, Department of

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1009 BSB MC 285
1007 W. Harrison Street Chicago IL 60607-7137
Department Home Page
Department Roster
Fax 312-413-4122
General Information and Reception
Rita L Gray-Marsh
1009 BSB MC 285
T 312-996-3037
T 312-996-3036
Department Head
Michael E Ragozzino
1066B BSB MC 285
T 312-413-7302
Administrative Aide to the Head
Karla DelCarmen Rivera Ruiz
1066 BSB MC 285
T 312-996-2836
Chief Financial Officer
Suzy Martin
1066A BSB MC 285
T 312-413-9182
Director, Information Technology
Jhin Choh
2037A BSB MC 285
T 312-996-8577
Human Resources Specialist
Diana Martinez
1066C BSB MC 285
T 312-996-7588
Director, Graduate Studies
Mitchell Franklin Roitman
1042C BSB MC 285
T 312-996-3113
Director, Undergraduate Studies
Evelyn Behar
1050B BSB MC 285
T 312-413-5564
Graduate Coordinator
Jennifer Vaisnoras
1067 BSB MC 285
T 312-413-4172
Undergraduate Advisor
Stuart Robinson
1074 BSB MC 285
T 312-413-2147
Undergraduate Advisor
1070 BSB MC 285
T 312-413-2147
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Research Group
1009 BSB MC 285
T 312-413-5709
F 312-355-4480
Home Page
Learning Sciences Research Institute (LSRI)
1535 SSB MC 285
T 312-996-2448
F 132-413-7411
Home Page
Office of Applied Psychological Services
3011 BSB MC 285
1007 W Harrison Street Chicago IL 60607
T 312-996-2540
F 312-413-7841
Home Page
Phonebook Contact Person
Jhin Choh
2037 BSB MC 285
T 312-996-8577
F 312-413-4122
REACH Contact
Gildardo Camacho
526 UH MC 228

3236 SES MC 066
T 312-996-9596
REACH Contact
Jhin Choh
2037 BSB MC 285
T 312-996-8577
F 312-413-4122
Jhin Choh
2037 BSB MC 285
T 312-996-8577
F 312-413-4122
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