BioE 505: NanoBioTechnology

University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of BioEngineering
Spring Semester 2014

Class Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdas 9:30 AM - 10:45 PM
Class Meeting Rm: 200 SEO
CRN: 34830 (4 Credit Hours)
Prerequisite(s): Consent of the instructor.

Instructor: Dr. G.Ali Mansoori, Professor


Nanotechnology approaches to disease diagnostic methods and therapeutic agents


MAJOR TOPICS: Fabrication of Nanoscale Structures for Applications in BioEngineering. Fundamentals of Nanofabrication. Nanoscale Markers: Synthesis and Uses. Fundamental Properties Underlying the Design and Uses of Nanostructures in BioEngineering - Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of small bio systems - Transport phenomena (momentum, heat & mass transfer) in nanobio systems - Monte Carlo simulation methods for nanobio systems - Molecular dynamics simulation methods for nanobio systems - Computer based simulations and optimizations for nanobio systems - Phase transitions in nanobio systems. Nanoscale Sensors for Applications in BioEngineering: Current Successes and New Concepts. Fundamental Properties of Biomolecules that are Foundational to Understanding Integrated Nanostructure-Biostructure Complexes and to Drug Delivery - Nanobio systems intermolecular forces and potentials. - Molecular Positional- and self-assembly of biomolecules. - Dynamic combinatorial chemistry / Dynamic combinatorial library for drug design. - Biomolecular building blocks, protein-nanoparticle attachment. - Drug delivery - drug targeting - gene therapy. - Nanotechnology-based disease diagnostic methods and therapeutic agents. Integrating Manmade Nanostrcutures with Biological Structures including Biomolecules - Monitoring Biomolecular Processes - Altering and Controlling Biomolecular Processes

Literature distributed in the class:

Nanoparticles important to nanobiotechnology

Synthesis of nanoparticles
Nanobiostructures design (nanoclusters, nanoconjugates, nanoparticles)
Nanotechnology for Alzheimer's disease
Cancer Nanotechnology:
DNA & RNA Nanotechnolgy

Recommended / Reference Books:

Educational Internet Websites.
Data & Property Calculation Websites