Biology of Populations & Communities

BIOS 101

Fall, 2008


Drs. Alan Molumby and Darrel Murray



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Dr.Darrel Murray’s Lectures

Note that the reading assignment, on the first page of each of these lectures, is out of date.  The reading assignments on Dr. Murray’s powerpoints correspond to Freeman 2nd edition.  For those of you who did not economize by buying an old edition, consult the syllabus for current pages.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Ecology                       Lecture 2: Demography                    Lecture 3: Population Dynamics

Lecture 4: Competition                                        Lecture 5: Predation                         Lecture 6: Production

Lecture 7: Tritrophic Interactions                         Lecture 8: Food Webs                      Lecture 9: Trophic Structure

Lecture 10: Energy Flow                                                Lecture 11: Nutrient Cycles               Lecture 12: Eutrophication

Lecture 13:Climate Change                                 Lecture 14: Nitrogen Deposition                 Lecture 15: Conservation Biology

Lecture 16: Life Histories and Harvesting            Lecture 17: Conservation Genetics            Lecture 18: Restoration Ecology


Dr. Alan Molumby’s Lectures

What is Life?-What is Out There?


Evidence for Evolution


Mating Systems


A Rationale for Conserving Biodiversity

Problem Sets

check the syllabus for the due dates

Problem Set1

PS 1 Answers

Problem Set 2

PS2 Answers

Problem Set 3

Problem Set 4

Practice Exams

We post these with a few caveats-

1) at least one question (on a Molumby exam) is keyed wrong

2) it is OLD, so some of the stuff (including Dr. Molumby’s take on ecology, which is a little different than Dr. Murray’s) was not covered this year.

3) Please, don't ask us to post answers..experience has taught us that these are more effective when we do not.

Practice Exam-Murray

Second Practice Exam-Murray

An Old Genetics Exam

An Old Evolution Exam

Sample Exam-Molumby

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