COURSE: ChE 494: Fundamentals and Design of Microelectronics Processing

(Advanced Processes and Design of Microfabrication Techniques)

Spring Semester 2002

Department of Chemical Engineering - University of Illinois at Chicago


       Course Outline: Introduction (3 Lectures)

    Introduction to Microelectronics Processing, Yield

    Overview of Electronic Materials

Crystal Growth (4 Lectures)

    Fundamentals of Crystal Growth Processes

    Energy and Mass Transfer, Modeling

    Doping, Design of Crystal Growth Processes

    Modeling and Simulation, Examples

Thin Film Deposition (14 Lectures)

    Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

    Silicon Epitaxy, Thermodynamics

    ThermoEMP as a Simulation Tool

    (Thermodynamics of Electronic Materials Processing)

    A Priori Process - Property Relationships

    Surface and Gas Phase Chemical Kinetics

    Kinetics and Mass Transfer of Epitaxial Growth

    Transport Phenomena, Reactor Design, Modeling

    Silicon Germanium, Silicon Carbide

    Metal Organic CVD (MOCVD)

    Doping of Epilayers, Autodoping, Diffusion

    Three-Dimensional Integration

    A Priori Process - Property Relationships, Reactor

    Analysis and Design, Selective Epitaxial Growth

    Three-Dimensional Integration and Microfabrication, Examples

    Epitaxial Evaluation, Thin Film Characterization

    Physical Vapor Deposition, Molecular Beam Epitaxy

    Plasma - Assisted/Enhanced CVD (PACVD or PECVD)

    Design of Plasma CVD Reactors, Modeling, Examples

    CVD of Polysilicon, Amorphous Silicon, SiO2 and Si3N4

Passivation of Electronic Materials (4 Lectures)

    Thermal Oxidation of Silicon

    Kinetics, Reactor Design, Modeling

    TSUPREM-4 as a Simulation Tool

    Oxynitridation of Silicon

    Kinetics, Reactor Design, Modeling, Simulation, Examples

    Degradation and Characterization of Dielectric Thin Films

    Redistribution of Impurities during Thermal Oxidation

Ion Implantation (3 Lectures)

    Fundamentals, Kinetics

    Design and Process Considerations

    Analysis and Design of Masking Films for Ion Implantation

    Mathematical Modeling, Examples

Advanced Lithography (5 Lectures)

    Chemistry and Physics of Lithographic Materials

    Fundamentals of Surface Preparation

    Positive and Negative Resists, Multi-Level Resists

    Design and Control of Lithographic Materials

    Advanced Lift-off Techniques, Problem Areas, Examples

Dry Etching (4 Lectures)

    Low-Pressure Discharges, Physical and Chemical Phenomena

    Selectivity - Feature and Pattern Size Control

    Fundamentals of Dry Etching

    Design and Process Considerations

    Modeling - Simulation, Examples

Wet Etching (2 Lectures)

    Chemistry - Physics, Thermodynamic and Kinetic Considerations

    Analysis and Design of Wet Etching Processes

    Characterization of Etched Substrate Surfaces, Modeling - Examples

Design of Experiments (2 Lectures)

    How to Use Statistical Techniques, General Factorial Design

    Factorial Design at Two Levels, Interaction Effects, Example

    Analysis of Data, Minimum Significant Factor and Curvature Effects


Reading Assignments


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Also: Handouts and relevant journal articles will be used.