The process of creating, transmitting, receiving and interpreting messages between a source and receiver. (Williams)
The exchange of thoughts, messages or information (American Heritage 3rd Edition)

Characteristics of Communication

Source -- Message -- Receiver

Simple Communication Model

Levels of Communication

Intrapersonal Communicationwith in one person
Interpersonal Communicationbetween two people
Small Groupgroups up to 25 people
Large Groupgroups of 25 or more
Organizational Communicationwithin business, administration
Public or Massspecial media directed to a large audience
Internationalinvolving cross cultures

Types of Nonverbal Communication

Paralinguisticsvariations in pitch, speed, volume and pauses that convey meaning
Kinesicsphysical gesturing such as facial expression, eye movement and posture
Hapticsthe communication of touch
Proxemicsthe communication of space and proximity
Appearancethe alteration of physical appearance such as clothes, make up & jewelry
Chronemicsthe effects of time on communication
Iconicssymbols used to convey meaning
Olfactorythe communication of smell

The Relationship of Nonverbal to Communication Technology