Gestaltís Approach to Memory Over Time


According to Gestalt, there are two different types of ways of retrieving information over time.They are Sharpening and Leveling.

The process of sharpening a memory is when a person recalls the memory and exaggerates selected characteristics of the original memory.This sharpening may occur to create emotions, avoid embarrassment or avoid a certain topic.


The other type of retrieval is the leveling of a memory.Leveling is weakening or downplaying details or selected characteristics of an event, different form the actual original event.Leveling also occurs for the same reasons that sharpening does.A person may be trying to avoid a sensitive subject or trying to avoid embarrassment.


The reasons why some details of an event are either sharpened or leveled are up to the individual.It is important to know that because of a personís ability to sharpen or level details of an event, the personís account of what actually happened may not be the same as what actually did occur.


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