Spring 2002 - University of Illinois at Chicago

LAS 400: The University and the Public Sphere:
Public Intellectuals and Their Social Influence

Course Schedule

This schedule is subject to change. It should be checked regularly.

January 8 Stanley Fish/Cary Nathenson: Coursepack reading 1 (Kant)
January 10 Sander Gilman (UIC): Friedrich Nietzsche, excerpt from “On the Utility and Liability of History for Life” in Unfashionable Observations
January 15 Gerald Graff (UIC): Graff, “Preaching to the Converted” from English Inside and Out, New York: Routledge, 1993; Coursepack readings 2-5, 12 (Sartre, Jacoby, Nation review, Bourdieu, Graff)
January 17 Barbara Ransby (UIC): bell hooks and Cornell West, pages 131-163 from Breaking Bread: Insurgent Black Intellectual Life
January 22 Phillip Brian Harper: Anthony Grafton, “The Public Intellectual and the American University: Robert Morss Lovett Revisited,” The American Scholar 70.4 (Autumn 2001): 41-54
January 24 Phillip Brian Harper: Scott S. Greenberger, “Jackson Steps into Harvard Dispute; Seeks ‘Clarity’ on Diversity Policy,” Boston Globe, Dec 21, 2001, p. B4; David Abel, “Harvard ‘Dream Team’ Roiled: Black Scholars, Summers in Rift,” Boston Globe Dec 22, 2001, p. A1; Scott S. Greenberger, “Jackson Pressures Harvard; Civil Rights Leader Set to Champion Affirmative Action,” Boston Globe, January 1, 2002, p. B2; Megan Tench, “2 Black Leaders Confront Harvard: Jackson, Sharpton Demand Answers,” Boston Globe, January 2, 2002, p. B1; David Abel, “Harvard in Bid to Ease Tensions; Black Professors, Summers Meet,” Boston Globe, January 4, 2002, p. B1; Pamela Ferdinand, “Harvard President Acts to Quell Furor; Statement Supporting Diversity Follows Rebuke of Black Faculty Member,” Washington Post, Jan 3, 2002, p. A03; Jacques Steinberg, “At Odds With Harvard President, Black-Studies Stars Eye Princeton,” New York Times Dec 29, 2001, p. 1.; Kate Zernike, “Black Scholars Mending a Rift With Harvard,” New York Times, January 4, 2002, p. 1; Coursepack readings 6, 16 (Lightman & Pinker, Garber).
January 29 Phillip Brian Harper: Bill Readings, The University in Ruins (Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1996), chapters 1 through 3, “Introduction,” “The Idea of Excellence,” and “The Decline of the Nation-State,” pp. 1-53
January 31 Phillip Brian Harper: Jon H. Roberts and James Turner, The Sacred and the Secular University (Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP, 2000), chapters 4 and 5, “The Triumph of the Humanities,” and “The Boon and the Bane of Specialization,” pp. 75-94
February 5 Phillip Brian Harper: Adolph Reed, “What Are the Drums Saying, Booker? The Current Crisis of the Black Intellectual,” The Village Voice 11 April 1995: 31-36
February 7 Phillip Brian Harper: Cornel West, “The Dilemma of the Black Intellectual,” Critical Quarterly 29.4 (Winter 1987): 39-52
February 12 Bill Ayers (UIC): Ralph Ellison, excerpt from Invisible Man
February 14 Frances Aparicio (UIC)
February 19 coursepack readings 9, 10.
February 21 coursepack reading 15.
February 26 Elizabeth Taylor (Chicago Tribune)
February 28 Francis Cardinal George, Archdiocese of Chicago
March 5 Michael Bellesiles (Emory University)
March 7 Michael Eric Dyson (DePaul University)
March 12 Scott Turow, Supreme Court decisions on the death penalty: Furman v. Georgia; Gregg v. Georgia; McCleskey v. Kemp
March 14 John McCarter (Field Museum)
March 18-22 Spring Break
March 26/28 Barbara Ehrenreich
April 2/4 Barbara Ehrenreich
April 9/11 Barbara Ehrenreich
April 16 Richard Rorty: Richard Posner, Public Intellectuals, chapter 1 “Setting the stage” (pp. 17-40) and “Conclusion: improving the market” (pp. 387-397)
April 18 Richard Rorty: James Rorty, “The socialization of muckraking,” Partisan Review, Fall 1939 (pp. 90-102)
April 23 Richard Rorty: William James, “The social value of the college-bred” and “Address on the Philippine question,” both reprinted in William James, Essays, Correspondence and Reviews (published by Harvard UP as part of the Complete Works)
April 25 Richard Rorty: Robert Westbrook, John Dewey and American Democracy, pp. 293-318 (on the Lippman-Dewey controversy)
April 29 - May 3 Finals Week

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