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This website is a companion to our course in Biology of the Human Dentition for first year dental students at the UIC College of Dentistry. The course incorporates traditional dental anatomy, developmental biology, tooth variation, and aspects of growth, maturation, and aging of the dentition in a developmental context.


Oral Sciences at UIC offers a course in Hominid Evolution, Dental Anthropology and Human Variation. It is accessible from this website. Just 'point and click' below.

The drawings and text are copywrited. They are made available here by the author at no charge for individual use by students in dentistry, dental hygiene, dental anthropology, and other disciplines with an interest in dental science.

I wish to extend a special thanks toTammy, Volker, Carlos, Mokund, and Chris at the UIC ITL, who were always patient when I forgot the computer commands or lost files

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