This course is presented each summer for graduate students in the Orthodontic Department at the UIC College of Dentistry. It is also open to students elsewhere at UIC, in particular physical anthropology graduate students with an interest in dental anthropology. The UIC College of Dentistry also makes this course available on the World Wide Web so that you may take the course for credit. Visitors are welcome to sit in on the lecture presentations.

The readings that appear in this website have been prepared for this course by the instructor. They is listed by title in the Table of Contents. A Syllabus for theOSCI 590 course is also provided in this website.

The text chosen for this course is Hillson, S. Dental Anthropology New York: Cambridge University Press, 1996. A companion text by the same author is also highly recommended. It is Hillson, S. Teeth New York: Cambridge University Press, 1996. Each can be ordered through your favorite book seller or through the excellent services provided by book sellers on the Internet.

Lecture notes for each week are listed as such. They are used as a supplement to the text. The numbered articles are prepared by myself for the OSCI 590 course. Drawings on the front page and in my text are done in my own hand.

For non-dentists, written text with drawings for instruction in dental anatomy and Biology of the Human Dentition is accessible on the front page of this website.

There are homework assignments each week. Copies are available if you contact the course instructor.

This course can be taken for credit through this internet site. Contact me at the Email address shown on the opening page for this website. Your inquiry is welcome.

Clarke Johnson DDS, PhD

Oral Biology, Oral Anatomy Section

UIC College of Dentistry

801 South Paulina

Chicago, IL 60612


Please send a self-addressed envelope with three stamps. Thank you!