The second point is that caries is a reversible, multifactorial process of  demineralization and remineralization. 

To diagnose and treat this process,  caries activity and risk must be assessed.

Caries activity  describes the status of the carious process (demin/remin) on an individual tooth surface.
    -an active lesion is progressing toward cavitation (demin)
    -an inactive lesion is not progressing or is healing (remin).

Caries risk describes the status of the whole patient and can be defined as the likelihood of the patient getting a new cavitation.

Assessment of dental caries risk  and caries activity must involve the following:

    Host risk factors:

    Diet assessment
    Bacterial assessment
    Tooth surface activity assessment

The focus of this course will be upon the biological basis for the treatment of dental caries as an infectious disease process and the resulting implications.

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