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Psychology 242
Research in Psychology
Dr. David J. McKirnan

Week 10.
Finish surveys, begin basic statistics.

Lecture notes

Z curveThis week we will finish surveys, and begin introductory statistics.

Lecture notes: Statistics notes # 1.


Study for your exam on Wednesday.  I have been giving exam notes as part of lectures: look at the lecture summaries & your notes.

Discussion group Assignment

Write the methods and results sections of your paper.

This is an important chance to get feedback on your paper, so use it!!   
You should already have written your introduction, hypotheses and overall design for Week 8.  Now write up your methods, and integrate them with your introduction. This is a lot for a weekly homework assignment – you may not get through all of it – but if you are wise you will use this as an impetus to get the guts of your paper done now, and to get feedback on it in group.  For hints on how a final paper looks, go to the Guide for reading articles.

The method section is the major part of your paper. Each of these elements needs to be explained clearly. See the Paper Structure web page for more details, including how points will be assigned to each section.

  • Participants:
  • Procedures
  • Measures:
  • Statistics notes # 1