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Psychology 242
Research in Psychology
Dr. David J. McKirnan

Week 12, Inferential Statistics:
t-tests & correlations.

Lecture notes

Key topics:Plato's Cave, w/text

This week we will discuss the t-test and correlation coefficient.  Along the way we will learn a set of basic statistical concepts, some of which are cited in italics here.

Lecture notes: Statistics notes # 2


Chapter 5 (further statistics) and readings on interpreting “relative risk” statistics, and interpreting data about risks + benefits of mammography .

Discussion Group

Calculate your t-test, finish your Research Paper results section.

You will use a t-test worksheet for this assignment.

A PowerPoint show giving you step by step instructions for deriving t is here.
A show describing the Central Limit theorum and using the t table is here.

A very cool demonstration of the Central Limit Theorem is here. Play it to see how larger & larger samples become more "normal".

By now, you have written your introduction and overall research design. Now take the data set we made up (or use your own) and analyze it to test your hypothesis. The data represents 10 participants in each of the experimental and control groups.

Your paper is due next week; so begin finishing up. Look at the paper assignment for guidance.