PSCH 242 Introduction to Research in Psychology, Spring 2001
Kari L. Nysse

Guidelines for Preparing APA Research Proposal Posters

Poster Topic Due: Friday, April 6, 2001

Poster Due: Friday, April 27, 2001

As part of your concluding experience in PSCH 242, you will explore how research is a continuous, ongoing process. You will work with a partner to complete this assignment. (Come talk to me if you would prefer to work alone on this project.) You will discover first hand how studies develop from previous experiments. Researchers usually conduct studies that answer their original questions, but their results also create new questions. Researchers often outline these new questions, or areas for research, in an article's discussion section. So, this final assignment involves exploring questions left unanswered by previous research. You will create a research proposal poster in which you present your research questions, describe how you would go about answering them, and discuss what you expect to find. In other words, you will write a proposal for a future study. Your proposed experiment will very likely be a partial replication of an already published experiment.

Results from studies are often presented at conferences using the poster format. People walk around a large room reading posters and talking to the authors about their posters. So, on the last day of class we will have a mini-conference. You will display your poster and respond in writing to some questions about several posters that you will read.

General comments:

Specific requirements for each section:

After you describe your research question, you need to describe how you will go about testing your idea. You need to decide on a method to investigate your research questions. As in most research programs, you will probably base your methodology on the methods used in previous research:

(a) Determine which research method is best suited for answering your research question. Describe the design of your experiment (i.e., 2 x 2 between groups design; 2 x 2 mixed groups design; 2 x 2 within groups design).

(a) Clearly state what you expect to find - which groups will be significantly different from each other and how will they be different.

(a) Provide an APA style reference to the article that you used as the basis for your proposal as well as any other articles you cite in your poster.

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