Psych 352 - Class 1

Handouts: syllabus
collected: index cards with student information
  1. Introductions and Review of Syllabus
  2. A brief introduction to the topic of our class:
    1. Cognition

    2. The collection of mental processes and activities used in perceiving and recognizing objects, learning and remembering concepts and ideas, comprehending and using language, thinking, understanding, reasoning, problem solving and decision making, and the act of using these processes.
    3. Cognitive Psychology

    4. The empirical, scientific approach to studying human memory and thought. What drives the field in short, is research -- the results of experiments are used to develop and test theories and models of our thought processes. We will be dealing with many kinds of experiments, seeing how they were done, explaining why they were done, discussing what kinds of questions they answer, and what kinds of questions are still unanswered.
  3. Demonstrations
  4. Announcements