Other evidence for the network of associations view of memory:
What is Priming?
How does Priming support the ideas of spreading activation?
Priming is for associates.
Priming is short lived.
category is better prime than letter or adjective

Priming affects word recognition/lexical decisions   this is an important tool
for work on language processing and problem solving

Priming is automatic (Stroop effect)
Priming is implicit (even occurs at VERY SHORT exposures)

how do we get orange kangaroos in denmark?
What is short-term/working memory in this model?
how does depth of processing work in this model?
Chapter 7
     memory for natural situations
          uses both episodic and semantic stores

Bartlett's War of the Ghosts
     reproductive vs. reconstructive recall
     gist recall
     not verbatim

     stored framework or body of knowledge about a topic

Bransford & Johnson (passages with/without titles), 
Objects arranged in meaningful scene
     schemas improve memory

Bower et al   Nancy at a cocktail party, why did she leave?
     schemas lead to distortions and intrusions
People "normalize" images too   
     Evidence from memory for maps, routes:
     People tend to draw roads intersecting at 90 Degree angles
     Which is further west, Reno or San Diego?

     best memory for typical events
     atypical events can be remembered if vivid

People use generic knowledge structures to help them remember --
this allows for better recall but also some distortions in recall

      Semantic Integration

People create a meaning for the sentence, and retrieve the
meaning not the exact words.  We tend to lose access to exact words 
EXCEPT for pledge of allegiance, Beatles lyrics, things we
learn by heart and may not think about the meaning of OR when the exact
words are important for meaning (jokes/conversation)