Expertise, Insight and Creativity

     Solve problems faster
     Quick recognition of problems
     Better memory for problems
     Deeper understanding of problem structure
     Spend more time representing problem
     More likely to work forward
     Able to rule out irrelevant solution paths (post constraints)
     Better at planning 

Insight Problems
     Routine, incremental problems vs. Insight problems
     Difficulty in Insight or Gestalt problems 
          Hard to see big picture or new relations
          Functional Fixedness
               Pliers, Candle, Hatrack
          Einstellung (Set Effects)
               Luchins Water Jugs
     Suddenness of Insight (Metcalfe
     Verbal Overshadowing (Schooler & Melcher, 1993)
     Novel and Relevant solutions
     Divergent thinking
     Remote Associates

Wallas' Four Stages of Creative Thought
     Preparation (Representation until one reaches an impasse)
     Incubation (unconscious thought)
     Illumination (AHA!)

     Incubation Effects:
     Unconscious discovery or Removal of Fixation?
          Smith and Blankenship
Expertise and Creativity, Wiley 1998