Psych 352 Class 3
Sensation and Perception

Sensation vs. Perception

Visual Perception seems smooth and complete but...

 Basic Principles of Visual Perception
1. Backwards
2. Not Simple One to One Match
3. Divison of Labor
4. Not Complete
5. Not Continuous

The Eye
Lens, Retina
Rods, Cones
Fovea, Periphery
Bipolar, Ganglion Cells
Horizontal, Amacrine Cells
Optic Nerve, Blind Spot Blind Spot Demo
Occipital Lobe

Lateral Inhibtion, Edge detection
Moving Spots Demonstration

Eye Movements
saccades, fixations
Eye movement Demo

Afterimages vs. Persistence

After image Demo

Visual Sensory Memory Iconic Memory (Visual register)
Sperling's Icon experiment Demonstration
Whole report vs. Partial Report
Decay Vs. Interference
Backward Masking