Psych 352 - Class 5
Top-Down and Auditory Perception

Top down vs. Bottom up Perception
Conceptually-Driven vs. Data-Driven

        Ambiguous Stimuli
        Incomplete Stimuli
        Word Superiority Effect
        Failure to notice Typos

A Connectionist Model of Pattern Recognition
        Top-Down and Bottom-Up activation

From sound waves to neural impulses
        The Anatomy of the Ear  More ear
                Basic path of auditory information
                        Hammer, anvil, stirrup
                        Hair cells along the basilar membrane
                        Temporal Lobes
                Auditory Sensory Memory (echoic memory) 
                        Hearing is necessarily serial
                        The "Three-eared man" procedure
                            Results of Experiment
                        Shadowing Tasks
Comparison of Iconic and Echoic Memory
Top-Down Processing in Audition
                Segmentation (Perceived spaces between words)/Segmentation Errors
                Lack of invariance
                Phoneme restoration (cough experiment)
                Word recognition in context
                McGurk Effect (see demo1 demo2 demo3 Demo3explanation)