Psych 352 - Class 7

Divided Attention Experiments
Now overload processor, and look at performance on ALL tasks (Spelke) Undergraduates originally very poor at reading/taking dictation/categorizing
Not able to do all 3 tasks without messing up
But, with practice, able to do all! Why?

With practice, tasks require less attention and effort we get more efficient

Automatic Processing occurs
1. Without intention
2. Without conscious awareness
3. With little resource use
4. Quickly
5. (Can) occur in parallel with other processes

Stroop Effect
Reading is an example of a process that is automatic for most adults which actually causes us problems when we do the Stroop task WHERE THE TASK IS TO NAME THE COLOR OF THE INK. This is very difficult when the words are OTHER colors or TABOO words.

Schneider & Schiffrin Search Tasks
different category vs. same category targets
consistent vs. inconsistent(varied) target conditions
automatic vs. controlled processing
parallel vs. serial processing,br> "set size" effects

The costs of automaticity