Psych 352 - Class 9
Working Memory

Short term memory
the immediate storage of new information

Working memory
the place where conscious, attention-consuming mental effort is applied

activation -- 	rehearsal of new information
		retrieval of LTM information

capacity and code --
	baddeley's model of working memory
		phonological loop
		visuo-spatial sketchpad
		central executive

	Evidence for visual codes in working memory
		Posner 		 	letter name/shape match
		Cooper & Shepard 	letter rotation
		Shepard & Metzler 	block designs
		Kosslyn			maps

Evidence for multiple stores
	Baddeley & Hitch
	Logie, et al.

	Evidence for semantic codes
	Evidence for movement codes (deaf populations)
transfer to LTM
	maintenance vs. elaborative rehearsal
		Craik & Watkins
	levels of processing
		Craik & Lockhart
		the self-reference effect