1. Deductive
     2. Inductive

Deductive Reasoning
     1. Syllogisms
          A. Content vs. Form
          B. Abstract vs. Concrete
          C. Confirmation Bias
               1. Belief bias
               2. Positive test strategy
          D. Atmosphere bias
          E. Need for Disconfirmation
     2. Conditional reasoning
          A. Valid and invalid conclusions
          B. Reasons for errors
               1. Failure to understand the rules of logic
                    a. accept invalid conclusions
                    B. interpret if as if-and-only-if
               2. Undermodeling/Confirmation Bias
          C. Pragmatic reasoning schemas
     3. Extent of Confirmation Bias
          A. Ignore disconfirming evidence
          B. Selective search for disconfirming evidence
          C. Forget disconfirming evidence
          D. Test for confirmation (positive test strategy)