Cognition 352

Spring 2001

Final Grades

1. Grades are posted by the random number you gave us on your index card at the beginning of class.

2.There were a number of perfect scores on the final so no extra points were added.
Your final test score is as it appears on the grade sheet.

3. If you took all 5 quizzes, your lowest quiz grade was dropped.

4. Grades are on a 200 point scale.  Grade cut-offs are as follows:
180 and above = A
179-160 = B
159-140 = C
139-120 = D
120 or below = E

4. If you were one point or less away from a higher grade, you were
bumped up to the higher grade (example: if you had a 179, then you gotan A).

5. As usual, if you have any questions about your grade or you have forgotten your PIN, please e-mail
Trina (  She will be out of town for a few weeks so she may be a bit slower than
usual in replying back to you.

6. It was great having all of you in class this semester.
Have a great summer, and congratulations to all the graduates! :)

Final grades are posted at