Mnemonics ni mon icks
     Ancient art of improving memory
     strategies or learned techniques to improve memory

    ROY G. BIV
    Every good boy deserves fudge

1. Method of Loci
     Use familiar route or scene
     Imagine to-be-remembered things along the way

2. Key Words (Peg Words)
one is a bun
two is a shoe
three is a tree
four is a door
five is a hive
six is sticks
seven is heaven
eight is gate
nine is a line
ten is a hen
     use this memorized structure, form images

3. Methods of Association
     use structures already in memory   the alphabet, words, sounds of words
     first letter technique
        I before E except after C
        30 days hath september, april, june and november

4. Narrative technique (Bower & Clark, 1969)
     use story structure
     students learn 12 lists of 10 words
     some students make up stories, some just read words
     immediate recall for each list is 99%
     recall for ALL lists at end of first session was 93% for the story
     group and 13% for the control group

If you ever go on jeopardy learn this story:

Washington and Jefferson made many a joke.  VanBuren had to put
the frying pan back. Lincoln just gasped, "Heaven guard America!"
Cleveland had coats made ready to wear home. Coolidge hurried
right to every kitchen jar nook. Ford could read books carefully, but....

How do mnemonics work?
Mnemonics provide structure
Mnemonics provide associations at encoding
Mnemonics provide retrieval cues
Mnemonics still require rehearsal, study and practice
Mnemonics help you to remember arbitrary lists by IMPOSING meaning, organization or imagery