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Departmental Seminars

Machine Date Date Location Title Speaker
20140602 06/02/14 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Liver Inflammation, Obesity and Cancer Dr. Michael Karin / UCSD
20140604 06/04/14 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Mixed Lineage Kinases: Novel Therapeutic Targets of Proliferative and Degenerative Diseases Dr. Ajay Rana / Loyola University Medical Center
20140611 06/11/14 12PM Herman Auditorium, MBRB Systems Genomics in Breast Cancer Biology Dr. Edison Liu / President and CEO of The Jackson Laboratory
20140807 08/07/14 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB The Geometry of Morphogenesis and the Morphogenetic Field Concept Dr. Nadya Morozova / Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques, France
20140909 09/09/14 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Mechanisms of interferon signaling Dr. Leonidas C Platanias / Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center and Medicine-Hematology/Oncology
20140910 09/10/14 12PM Herman Auditorium, MBRB Endosomal Membrane Traffic and Cell Surface Homeostasis Dr. Julie Donaldson / NHLBI, NIH
20140917 09/17/14 12PM Herman Auditorium, MBRB The role of Tcf3 in skin wound healing and cancer Dr. Hoang Nguyen / Baylor College of Medicine
20141003 10/3/14 3PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Targeting metabolic vulnerabilities of cancer Dr. Eyal Gottlieb / University of Glasgow

10/15/14 12PM

Herman Auditorium, MBRB Understanding the molecular control of muscle fiber specification Dr. Richard Cripps / University of New Mexico
20141022 10/22/14 12PM Herman Auditorium, MBRB Mitochondrial Homeostasis and Human Disease Dr. Marcia Haigis / Harvard Medical School
20141105 11/05/14 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Title to be announced Dr. Xing Da i/ University of California, Irvine
20141119 11/19/14 Herman Auditorium, MBRB Title to be announced Dr. Patrick O’Farrell / University of California, SF
20141210 12/10/14 Herman Auditorium MBRB Title to be announced Dr. Ross Cagan / Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
20150304 03/04/15 Herman Auditorium MBRB Title to be announced Dr. Michael Buszczak / UT Southwestern
20150408 04/08/15 12PM Herman Auditorium, MBRB The dynamic regulation of water channel activity and method development in structural biology Dr. Tamir Gonen / Howard Hughes Medical Institute
20150415 04/15/15 12PM Herman Auditorium, MBRB Title to be announced Dr. John M. Denu / University of Wisconsin
20150422 04/22/15 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Title to be announced Dr. Christopher Voigt / MIT