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Amer Ardati, MD—is a an interventional cardiologist. Dr. Ardati serves as the Medical Director of the UIC CCU where he focuses on quality improvement and education. Prior to joining UIC Amer served on the cardiology faculty at the University of Michigan where he had trained in Cardiovascular Medicine and Interventional Cardiology. Dr. Ardati's research interests are in assessing medical practice patterns and their impact on health-care quality.

Boaz Avitall, MD, PhD, FHRS—is an Electrophysiologist. In addition to his clinical work in the electrophysiology lab, Dr. Avitall has research lab where he investigates new technologies for cardiac arrhythmia ablation, mapping technologies, pacing for atrial fibrillation suppression andatrial remolding.

Joan E. Briller, MD— is non-invasive cardiologist and echocardiographer. She specializes in women’s issues in cardiac disease with a focus on heart disease during pregnancy.  Her clinic has now evaluated more than 500 women with cardiovascular disease who are pregnant. She currently is participating in the Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Network, a multicenter study which hopes to provide insight into this illness with substantial maternal mortality.  In addition, she has long been interested in gender differences in risk factors and heart disease therapy. She has been an active investigator in research projects on the benefits of exercise for women and is an enthusiastic participant in Chicago AHA Go Red for Women activities.

Robert Danziger, MD, PhD—is a non-invasive cardiologist and an associate Professor of Medicine, Physiology, and Pharmacology. His primary research interests  include genetics of complex disorders such as high blood pressure. He is the  recipient of National Institute of Health, Veterans Administration, and American Heart Association funding.

Afshin Farzaneh-Far, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC—is an experienced clinical cardiologist and researcher with expertise in advanced cardiac imaging. He completed his Internal Medicine residency at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School and his Cardiology Fellowships at New York Presbyterian (University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell) and Duke University. He was on the faculty of Duke before being recruited to be Director of the Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory at UIC. His interests include the use of cardiac MR for stress imaging and evaluation of cardiomyopathies.

Leon J. Frazin, MD— is a non-invasive cardiologist and echocardiographer. He is the Director of Echocardiography at Jesse brown VA Hospital. In 1975 he introduced transesophageal echocardiographic methodology which today is used worldwide. Research work  includes the first description of helical blood flow in the descending aorta and establishing anatomic landmarks for imaging the descending aorta. He holds multiple patents on ultrasound technology .

Christopher Gans, MD—is a non-invasive cardiologist and echocardiographer. His interests include invasive hemodynamic assessment of patients with diastolic heart failure and pulmonary hypertension and the role of socioeconomic factors in the management of heart failure.

Mayank Kansal, MD - is a non-invasive cardiologist and echocardiographer. He is the Director of the Genetic Cardiomyopathy Clinic at UIC and the Heart Failure clinic at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center.His research interests include speckle strain echocardiography in detecting preclinical disease, as well as the  validation of the utility of 3D echocardiographic imaging.His clinical areas of interest are in multidisciplinary heart failure management and multimodality imaging in genetic diseases that affect the heart.

George T. Kondos, MD - is the Professor and Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs of the Department of Medicine and Chief, Clinical Cardiology.  His interests focus on the detection of subclincal cardiovascular disease using Electron Beam Computed Technology. He has developed one of the few Cardiovascular Teaching Centers in the Midwest using Harvey, a patient mannequin, to simulate twenty-seven different cardiovascular diseases, a Heart Sound Simulator, and numerous multimedia computer assisted instruction programs.   

Jefferson Lee - is an electrophysiologist. His clinical interests in cardiac electrophysiology include ablation of atrial and ventricular arrhythmias as well as implantation of pacemakers, cardioverter-defibrillators, and CRT devices.  His research interests include the metabolic profiles of patients with ICD's who experience ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation, He also has interests in telemedicine, especially for specialty care outreach to underserved populations.

Jalees Rehman, MD - is a non-invasive cardiologist and basic researcher. He studies the biology of regenerative stem and progenitor cells in the cardiovascular system. His lab is investigating the role of mitochondrial metabolism and reactive oxygen species as regulators of stem cell differentiation, the maturation and senescence of endothelial progenitor cells, studying the role of mitochondrial networks in cell proliferation and the angiogenic potential of adult mesenchymal stem cells. More recently, they have begun to use induced pluripotent stem cells because they represent a new approach to create disease-in-the-dish models.

Adhir Shroff, MD, MPH- is an interventional cardiologist.  He is the Director of the Cardiac Catheterization lab and Interventional Cardiology Fellowship program.  He is a leader in the radial artery access community.  Research interests relate to outcomes following PCI, quality of care, medication adherence, and gender disparities.

Thomas Stamos, MD - is a non-invasive cardiologist and echocardiographer.  He is the Associate Chief of the Division and Director of the Fellowship Program.  His interests include investigating individual ancestry as a predictor of response to heart failure therapy and the use of pharmacogenetics for personalizing heart failure therapy .

Mladen Vidovich, MD - is an interventional cardiologist. He is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Division of Cardiology at the Jesse Brown VA. His clinical interests include coronary intervention, intracoronary imaging, radial arterial access as well in CT angiography.   Dr. Vidovich is Director of Cardiology Clinical Research Trials which has several ongoing multi-center trials along with investigator-initiated trials.