David Sarne, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine
Medical Director, UIH Endocrinology Clinic

Executive Board Member, American Thyroid Association

Business office: 312/996-6060
Nutrition and Wellness Center - Appointment desk: 312/413-3631
Fax: 312/413-0437
E-mail: dhsarne@uic.edu

Board certification: Internal Medicine, Endocrinology
Medical School: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Residency: Internal Medicine, UCSF
Fellowship: Endocrinology, University of Chicago

Clinical Interest:
Diagnosis and management of thyroid disorders including thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. Confusing thyroid function tests.

Invited lectures:
Challenging thyroid function tests
Interpretation of thyroid function tests
Thyroid disease and pregnancy
Diagnosis and treatment of endocrine emergencies

Staying up to date (continuing medical education):
Endocrine Society Meeting
American Thyroid Association meeting
Medicine Grand Rounds, University of Illinois
Endocrinology Grand Rounds, University of Illinois

Research interests:
Thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer

Recent publications:
1.  Herold KH, Sarne DH 2000 Autoimmune endocrine disorders. in Textbook of the Autoimmune Diseases Lahita RG, Chiorazzi N, Reeves WH (ed) JB Lippincott Company Philadelphia, PA pp. 377-406
2.  Gittoes NJL, Franklyn JA, Sarne DH, Refetoff S, Sheppard MC 2000 Thyroid Function Tests in Endocrinology Fourth Edition DeGroot LJ, Jameson, JL (ed) W B Saunders Company Philadelphia, PA pp 1361-1398
3.  Sarne DH 2001 Medical therapy of pituitary adenomas and hyper-secretory states. in Principles and Practice of Endocrinology and Metabolism (3rd Edition) Becker KL (ed) JB Lippincott Company Philadelphia, PA (237-243)
4. Fontanilla JC, Schneider AB, Sarne DH 2001 The use of oral radiographic contrast agents in the management of hyperthyroidism Thyroid 11:561-567
5. Sarne D 2004 Effects of drugs, disease and other agents on thyroid function in Thyroid Disease Manager, DeGroot LJ, Hennemann G (ed)
6. Schneider AB, Sarne DH    2005   Long-term risks for thyroid cancer and other neoplasms after exposure to radiation.  Nature Clinical Practice Endocrinology and Metabolism  1:82-91
7. S innott BP, Hatipoglu B, Sarne DH   2006   Intrasellar plasmacytoma presenting as a non-functional invasive pituitary macro-adenoma: Case report and literature review.    Pituitary  9:65-72
8.  Sinnott BP, Wu S, Sarne DH, Hatipoglu B   2006   Presentation of an unsuspected pheochromcytoma as acute aortic valvular insufficiency and diabetes mellitus type 2.   The Endocrinologist 16: 335-339

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