Terry G. Unterman, M.D.

Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics
Phone: 312-569-7427
Fax: 312-569-8114
E-mail: Unterman@uic.edu

Board Certification: Internal Medicine, Endocrinology
Medical School: Duke University Medical School
Residency and Chief Residency: Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center, Chicago
Fellowship: Endocrinology, Northwestern University

Clinical Interests: Growth hormone and insulin-like growth factors, Diabetes Mellitus (pathogenesis and management), Mechanisms and complication of obesity, Endocrinology of aging

Staying up to date (continuing medical education):
Endocrine Society Meeting, June 2010
American Diabetes Association, June 2010
Invited lectures:
Chair, Session on "Emerging Aspects of Insulin Action and Glucose Homeostasis", Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society, Toronto, July, 2007

“Regulation of Hepatic Gene Expression and Metabolism by FoxO Transcription Factors,” University of Tennessee Medical School, Memphis, TN (04/21/08)

“FoxO Transcription Factors: Mediators and Modulators of Insulin Action and Metabolism,” Department of Physiology and Biophysics, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, Chicago, Il (4/30/10)
 “FoxO Transcription Factors: Mediators and Modulators of Insulin Action,” Department of Human Nutrition and Metabolism, Hebrew University Medical School, Ein Karem, Jerusalem, Israel (07/6/10)
Research Interests: Regulation of gene expression and metabolism by insulin and growth factors; FoxO transcription factors; Regulation of metabolism in obesity and diabetes; Endocrinology of aging

Recent Publications:
1.       Bastie, C.C., Mahle, Z., McLoughlin, T., Esser, K., Unterman, T. and Abumrad, N. FoxO1 stimulates fatty acid uptake and metabolism in muscle cells through CD36-dependent and –independent mechanisms.  J Biol Chem 280:14222-14229, 2005.
3.       Zhang, W., Patil, S., Klotsas, A., Chauhan, B., Le, J., Franks, R., Guo, G., Powell, D.R., Heidenreich, K., Sajan, M.P., Farese, R.V., Beer-Stoltz, D., Tso, P., Koo, S.-H., Montminty, M. and Unterman, T.G. FoxO1 Regulates Multiple Metabolic Pathways in the Liver: Effects on Gluconeogenic, Glycolytic and Lipogenic Gene Expression.  J Biol Chem 281(15):10105-17, 2006.
4.         Buzzio, O.L., Lu, Z., Miller, C.D., Unterman, T.G. and Kim, J.J. FOXO1A Differentially regulates genes of decidualization. Endocrinology, 147(8):3870-6, 2006.
5.         Biddinger, S.B., Haas, J.T., Yu, B.B., Bezy, O., Jing, J., Zhang, W., Unterman, T., Carey, M.C., Kahn, C.R.  Hepatic Insulin Resistance Directly Promotes Formation of Cholesterol Gallstones.  Nature Med, 14:778-82, 2008.
6.       Wang, Z., Luque, R.M., Kineman, R.D., Ray, V.H., Christov, K.T., Lantvit, D.D., Shirai, T., Hedayat, S., Unterman, T.G., Bosland, M.C., Prins, G.S., and Swanson, S.M.  Disruption of Growth Hormone Signaling Retards Prostate Carcinogenesis in the Probasin/TAg Rat.  Endocrinology 149(3):1366-76, 2008.
7.         Kamei, Y., Miura, S., Suganami, T., Akaike, T., Kanai, S., Sugita, S., Katsumata, A, Aburatani H., Unterman T.G., Ezaki, O., and Ogawa, Y.  Regulation of SREBP1c gene expression in skeletal muscle: role of RXR/LXR and FOXO1.  Endocrinology 149:2293-305, 2008.
8.         Nogueira, V., Park, Y., Tonic, I., Chen, C-C, Patil, S., Unterman, T., Hay, N.  Akt promotes replicative senescence and sensitizes cells to oxidative apoptosis: the Achilles heel of Akt. Cancer Cell 14:458-70, 2008.
9.         Ganjam, G.K., Zhang, W., Dimova, E.Y., Unterman, T.G., and Kietzmann, T. Transcriptional Control of Liver Glucokinase Expression via FoxO1 and HNF-4. J Biol Chem 284(45):30783-97, 2009.
10.       Srivastava, R.K., Unterman, T.G. and Shankar S.  Anti-angiogenic effects of resveratrol are exerted through inhibition of PI3K/AKT and MEK/ERK pathways and activation of FOXO transcription factors.  Mol Cell Biochem 337:201-12, 2010.
11.       Watanabe, K., Iizuka, T., Adeleki, A., Pham, L., Shlimon, A.E., Yasin, M., Horvath, P., and Unterman, T.G.  Involvement of Toll-like receptor 4 in alveolar bone loss and glucose homeostasis.  J Periodont Res, In Press, 2010.
12.       Kanao, T., Venderova, K., Park, D., Unterman, T., Lu, B., and Imai, Y.  Activation of FoxO by LRRK2 induces expression of proapoptotic proteins and alters survival of postmitotic dopaminergic neuron in Drosophila.  Hum Mol Genetics, 19:3747-58, 2010.
13.       Endan Li, E., Dong, H.K., Cai, M, Lee, S., Kim, Y., Lim, E., Ryu, J.H., Unterman, T.G., Park, S. Hippocampus-dependent spatial learning and memory are impaired in growth hormone-deficient spontaneous dwarf rats.  Endocrine Journal, 2011 (In Press).

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