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You, your family, and hereditary cancer.

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Last Update: 10/22/2013

Is This For Me?

Genetic evaluation can provide information you need to make informed choices, assess risks, and plan for tomorrow.  If you or a family member answer yes to any of the following questions we encourage you to schedule an appointment with the FGICU.

1. More than 10 colon polyps in your lifetime?

2. Cancer at an age less than 50?

3. More than one type of cancer diagnosis?

4. A second diagnosis of the same cancer?

Genetic information may benefit you by:

   Determining if you are at risk for cancer

   Creating a personal cancer prevention plan

   For those already diagnosed, determining appropriate treatment plans

   Understanding cancer in your family

   Determining whether other family members are at risk for developing cancer

   Providing piece of mind in cases where cancer is not at great risk

Your genetic counselor will talk with you about different issues so you can make an informed decision about a genetic evaluation.

We provide comprehensive state-of-the-art care for all members of families that have a high risk for developing gastrointestinal or other types of related cancers because of an inherited predisposition.

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