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Mark Kushner, M.D.

Mark Kushner, M.D.

Current Position:
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Education and Training:
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Illinois at Chicago (Residency)
University of Illinois at Chicago (Fellowship)

Areas of Interest:
Physical Diagnosis
Quality Improvement & Assessment and Outcome Studies

Current Academic and/or Research Activities:

Recent Publications:

Heckerling PS, Wiener SL, Wolfkiel CJ, Kushner MS, Dodin EM, Jelnin V, Fusman B, Chomka EV. Accuracy and reproducibility of precordial percussion and palpation for detecting increased left ventricular end-diastolic volume and mass. A comparison of physical findings and ultrafast computed tomography of the heart.JAMA. 1993 Oct 27;270(16):1943-8.

Heckerling PS, Wiener SL, Moses VK, Claudio J, Kushner MS, Hand R. Accuracy of precordial percussion in detecting cardiomegaly. Am J Med. 1991 Oct;91(4):328-34.

Heckerling PS, Elstein AS, Terzian CG, Kushner MS. The effect of incomplete knowledge on the diagnoses of a computer consultant system. Med Inform (Lond). 1991 Oct-Dec;16(4):363-70.

Schmitt BP, Kushner MS, Wiener SL. The diagnostic usefulness of the history of the patient with dyspnea. J Gen Intern Med. 1986 Nov-Dec;1(6):386-93.

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