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Patricia W. Finn, MD. Department Chair

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Tohru Fukai, M.D., Ph.D.

Academic Title: Associate Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology

Administrative Positions:

Division: Cardiology

Location: 835 S. Wolcott Ave., COMRB 4080 (MC 868), Chicago, IL 60612

Phone: (312)996-7631 (Office), 996-7622 (Lab) Fax: (312)996-1225



MD, Kyushu University, Japan (1988)

PhD, Kyushu University, Japan (1995)

Resident, Kyushu University, Japan (1988-1991)

Fellow, Kyushu University, Japan (1990-1993)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Emory University, Atlanta, GA (1995-1999)

Faculty Positions:

Clinical Interests

Research Interests

Selected Publications

  1. Nguyen AD, Itoh S, Jeney V, Yanagisawa H, Fujimoto M, Ushio-Fukai M and Fukai T. Fibulin-5 is a novel binding protein for extracellular superoxide dismutase. Circ. Res. 95:1067-74, 2004.
  2. Jeney V, Itoh S, Wendt M, Gradek Q, Ushio-Fukai M, Harrison DG and Fukai T. The Role of Antioxidant-1 in Extracellular Superoxide Dismutase Function. Circ. Res. 96:723-9, 2005.
  3. Qin Z, Itoh S, Jeney V, Ushio-Fukai M and Fukai T. Essential Role for the Menkes ATPase in Activation of Extracellular Superoxide Dismutase: Implication for Vascular Oxidative Stress. FASEB J. 20:334-6, 2006.
  4. Gongora MC, Qin Z, Laude K, Kim HW, McCann L, Dikalov S, Folz RJ, Fukai T and Harrison DG. The Role of Extracellular Superoxide Dismutase in Hypertension.  Hypertension.  48:473-81, 2006.
  5. Kim H, Lin A, Guldberg R, Ushio-Fukai M and Fukai T. Essential role of extracellular superoxide dismutase in neovascularization in response to hindlimb ischemia. Circ. Res. 101:409-19, 2007.
  6. Qin Z, Gongora MC, Ozumi K, Itoh S, Akram K, Ushio-Fukai M, Harrison DG and Fukai T. Role of Menkes ATPase in Angiotensin II-induced Hypertension: A Key Modulator for Extracellular SOD.  Hypertension. 52:945-51, 2008.
  7. Finney L, Vogt S, Fukai T and Glesne D. Copper and Angiogenesis: unraveling a relationship key to cancer progression (invited review). Clin. Exp. Pharmacol. Physiol. 36:88-94, 2009.
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  11. Oshikawa J, Urao N, Kim HW, Kaplan N, Razvi M, McKinney R, Poole LB, Fukai T and Ushio-Fukai M. Extracellular SOD-derived H2O2 promotes VEGF signaling in caveolae/lipid rafts and post-ischemic angiogenesis in mice. PLoS One. 5:e10189, 2010.
  12. Schneider MP, Sullivan JC, Wach PF, Boesen EI, Yamamoto T, Fukai T, Harrison DG, Pollock DM and Pollock JS. Protective role of extracellular superoxide dismutase in renal ischemia/reperfusion injury. Kidney Int. 78:374-381, 2010.
  13. Wedgwood S, Lakshminrusimha S, Fukai T, Russell JA, Schumacker PT and Steinhorn RH. Hydrogen peroxide regulates extracellular superoxide dismutase activity and expression in neonatal pulmonary hypertension. Antioxid. Redox Signal. 15:1497-1506, 2011.  
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  15. Fukai T and Ushio-Fukai M. Superoxide Dismutases: Role in Redox Signaling, Vascular Function and Diseases. Antioxid. Redox Signal. 15:1583-606, 2011.