Forward Your UIC Email to the Email Account You Regularly Use
If you prefer to use another email account instead of your UIC account, you can forward your email from your UIC account to the one that you regularly use.
1. Open a browser; for example Netscape or Internet Explorer.
2. Go to the Academic Computing and Communications Center "Email and Mass Communication" page (
3. Select "Phonebook & Mail Forwarding".
4. Fill in your UIC NetID on the UIC WWW Identification Service page.
5. Fill in your UIC NetID password on the second UIC WWW Identification Service page.
After your password has been accepted, the browser will display the ACCC Directory Update page. At the bottom of the page, there is a section that begins, “Here you can change where your mail is forwarded...”
6. Simply fill in the email account where you would prefer to receive your email.
7. Then, click on “Submit the changes” at the bottom of the page.
Please note: Although the database will be updated immediately, mail forwarding will not be effective until the day after you submit the change.