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GME Operating Committee
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Committee on Graduate Medical Education (GMEC)
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Internal Reviews
The internal review process is intended to ensure excellence in education and provide oversight for residency and fellowship programs. Each program must have an internal review at the approximate midpoint between ACGME RRC site visits or when major changes occur in its structure or curriculum.
Each internal review is conducted by a team consisting of the Director of GME Programming, a member of the faculty and/or administration of the University, and a resident. The Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs is also involved in every internal review. The members of the internal review team examine material submitted by the Program Director and interview key people associated with the program.
As part of an internal review, the Program Director, Department Head, faculty, and residents of a program are interviewed about the strengths and weaknesses of their program. This provides an opportunity for residents to give candid, anonymous information about their program.
After reviewing the materials submitted by the program director and discussing contents of the interviews, the internal review team writes a report which is submitted to the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) for approval. The internal review report discusses the quality of the program by examining several areas including the instructional plan, clinical base, and supervision of residents among others. Internal review reports identify strengths and weaknesses in the program and conclude with recommendations for improvement.

GME Committees
The following committees are responsible for setting policy and administering the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago Graduate Medical Education programs. Residents should contact the Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs, with questions or to express interest in participating on the Graduate Medical Education Committee.
   GME Operating Committee
The GME Operating Committee sets financial policies for the residency programs, including stipends, benefits packages, and numbers of positions at each hospital. Membership is limited to the Chief Executive Officer or equivalent from each major affiliated hospital, and is chaired by the Dean of the College of Medicine.
   Affiliated GME Group Executive Committee
The Affiliated Graduate Medical Education Group Executive Committee oversees the activities of the Affiliated Group for Medicare reimbursement, which was formed July 1, 1999. Membership includes a representative from all University of Illinois College of Medicine affiliated hospitals involved in the Affiliated Group. The Committee is chaired by the Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs.
   Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC)
The GMEC performs the following functions:
   Monitors the general academic quality of the specialty training programs covered under the umbrella of the GMEC to insure that the programs are maintained in accordance with the standards and guidelines as established by the ACGME
   Reviews and approves new rotations for existing programs to ensure that they are educationally sound
   Reviews and approves new ACGME-accredited and non-accredited training programs
   Ensures the maintenance of a system for the selection, supervision, evaluation and advancement of residents participating in University of Illinois at Chicago residency and fellowship programs
   Establishes procedures for the periodic review of each specialty training program sponsored by the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine and documents the reviews as required by the ACGME
   Conducts and oversees internal review reports
   Confirms and/or modifies recommendations of the internal review work groups regarding resources, program content and curriculum
   Assists Program Directors in the definition and implementation of the goals and objectives of the particular specialty training program; in establishment of standards for the selection, supervision, evaluation, advancement and dismissal of residents participating in University-sponsored programs, in accordance with the policies and procedures developed by the GMEC; and in integration of the training program of each specialty with the training programs of all other specialties to enable an effective overall educational program
   Recommends policies to the dean relating to resident recruitment, selection, evaluation, discipline, and termination, as well as in other areas that deal with the resident's professional development.
   Resident Representatives to the GMEC
The GMEC’s membership must include residents who represent the entire body of residents. Annually residents are nominated and elected by their peers to serve as voting or alternate members of the GMEC. The three residents receiving the most votes in an election are the GMEC resident representative voting members. The three or more residents with the next highest number of votes are the alternate members, who may vote when one or more of the voting members are absent from a committee meeting. Residents should contact their representatives to the GMEC for information about the committee's activities and to convey their concerns to the committee.