Resident Physician Manual
Last revision:  January 2011

Table of Contents
University of Illinois (UIC) College of Medicine at Chicago
Residency Program Administration
Graduate Medical Education Mission Statement
Senior Associate Dean, Educational Affairs
Residency Program Director
Chief Residents
Office of Graduate Medical Education
Administrative Functions
GME Program Contacts
Administrative Information
Clearance Form
Residents Changing Programs or Becoming Attendings
Residents from Advocate Christ Medical Center
Certificates of Training
Criminal Background and Exclusions/Sanctions Checks
Duty Hours
Elective Rotations Outside of the University System
Employment Outside the Residency Program
GME Online Core Curriculum
Lab Coats and Scrubs
Temporary Licenses
Permanent Licenses
Controlled Substance Certificates
Loan Deferments
Procedural Skills Assessments
Professional Liability Insurance
Proof of Citizenship and Visas
J-1 Visas
H-1B Visas
ECFMG Certificates
Special Benefits Considerations for Certain Visa Holders
Proof of Malpractice Coverage
Resident HotLine
Resident Records
Teaching Skills Workshops for PG1s
University of Illinois Hospital Identification Badge
University of Illinois Identification Badge
University of Illinois Parking
Verification of Employment
Web-Based Rotation Evaluations
Rotation Evaluations Produced by Training Programs
Duty Hours and Institutional Issues Evaluations Produced by the GME Office
The Resident Agreement
Definition of Term: Post Graduate Level (PG)
Additional Rules
Compensation and Benefits
Establishment of Stipends and Benefits
Payroll Advances
Sick Leave
Maternity/Paternity Leave
University Holidays
Leaves of Absence
Family and Medical Leave
Personal Leave
Professional Meetings
Health Insurance  
Effective Date
Change of Family Status  
Substantial Presence
Alternative Benefits for Certain Visa Holders
Disability Insurance
Pension Plan  
Educational Fund
Resident Health Policies
Health Assessment  
Personal Illness
Universal Precautions
Occupational Injuries, Illness, and Exposures  
Inoculations and Referrals
Examinations Upon the Request of the Program Director
Resident Professional Conduct     
Resident Responsibilities
Relationship to the Medical Staff
Sexual Harassment
Corrective Action
Accreditation and Oversight
Internal Reviews
GME Committees
GME Operating Committee
Affiliated GME Group Executive Committee
Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC)
Resident Representatives to the GMEC
Sample Resident Agreements
Sample College of Medicine Resident Agreement
Exhibit A - Benefits
Exhibit B - Procedures to Appeal Termination, Suspension, Nonrenewal of Medical Residents
Sample College of Dentistry Resident Agreement
Exhibit A - Benefits
Exhibit B - Procedures to Appeal Termination, Suspension, Nonrenewal of Dental Residents