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Education and Training

A two year fully accredited residency training program in cardiothoracic surgery required board certification or eligibility for the American Board of Surgery.


Malek Kanama, M.D. (2008-2010)
Ahmad Tarakji, M.D. (2007-2009)
Hemalaya Lele, M.D. (2006-2008)
Khaled Abdelhady, M.D., FRCS. (2005-2007)
Ziad Hanhan, M.D. (2004-2006)
Michael Tshibaka, M.D. (2003-2005)
Jacques Kpodonu, M.D. (2002-2004)
Anthonio Navaro, M.D. (2001-2003)
Christain Sirois, M.D. (2000-2002)
Fadi Khoury, M.D. (1999-2001)
Sanjay Tripathy, M.D. (1998-2000)
Venod Mehta, M.D. (1997-1999)
Lawrence Kong, M.D. (1996-1998)
Frank Podbielski, M.D. (1995-1997)
Ari Holderson, M.D. (1994-1996)



Bradley Allen
Renee Hartz
Sidney Levitsky
Norman Silverman


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