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How to make an appointment
Bowel preparation
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How to make an appointment:

  1. If you are a NEW patient to the University of Illinois Medical Center and would like  to make an appointment with one of our colon & rectal specialists,

      Please call our appointment center at (312)996-1682.
Note you will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to your
appointment.  You can print and bring to your appointment by clicking

  1. For returning patients, please call our surgery clinic at (312)355-4300

  2. To set up an appointment at our Pelvic Floor Center for the following Procedures and/or consults please call (312)413-2708.
  1. Biofeedback evaluations

      Note: For NEW patients, you will be asked to fill out a detailed
questionnaire.  This is an important part of your initial
consultation that must be completed.  You can print one and bring
it with you on your first visit by clicking below:

Male questionnaires: Biofeedback male 1 - Biofeedback male 2

Female questionnaires: Biofeedback female 1 - Biofeedback female 2

    • Anal Manometries
    • Pudendal nerve stimulation
    • Electrogalvanic stimulation (EGS)


    Bowel preparation - Colonoscopy

    • What is a colonoscopy? 

      -      A colonoscopy is a procedure that enables your doctor to evaluate the
      appearance of the inside of the colon (large bowel).  This is done by     inserting a flexible tube, the thickness of a finger, into the anus and advancing it slowly, under visual control of a TV monitor.  This test is done for a variety of reasons to investigate the findings of blood in the stool, abdominal pain, diarrhea, change in bowel habits, or an abnormality found on a colon x-ray or CT scan, but primarily to screen for colon cancer. 

    • What to expect during a colonoscopy?

      -     Prior to the procedure an IV is started and medication is given to make the patient sleepy and relaxed.  If needed, the patient may receive additional doses during the procedure.  Colonoscopies often give the feeling of pressure, cramping and bloating, however, with the aid of the medication it is generally well tolerated.

    • What to expect after a colonoscopy?

      -    Patients will be kept in an observation area for about an hour, until any medication given adequately wears off. 
      -    The patient’s reflexes and judgment may be impaired for the rest of the day, making it unsafe to operate machinery or drive. However, you will be able to work the next day.
      -    You are also expected to have a responsible adult drive you home. Please note - public transportation is not acceptable and you will be asked to reschedule your appointment if transportation is not arranged.

    • How do I prepare for this appointment?

      Bowel prep instructions, please click on your specific bowel prep.

      Fleets Phospho Soda

      Spanish versions:
      Fleets Phospho Soda

      -     You may be asked to schedule blood work and/or EKG prior to your colonoscopy particularly if your procedure is performed under monitored anesthesia care (MAC).  Please check with your doctor or nurse if you have not made arrangements for pre-lab tests by calling (312)413-2708. 

      What do I need to bring to this appointment

      - Insurance card
      - List of any current medications
      - HMO referral (if required)

      How do I make an appointment?

      -      If you have been referred by your doctor specifically for a colonoscopy, please call our nurse at (312)413-2708.
      -      If you are a new patient and are being self-referred, please call our clinic to make a consultation appointment first with one of our doctors prior to setting up any procedure.

    • Where do I go for my appointment?

      -       GI LAB
      1740 W. Taylor, Room 2142
      Chicago, IL. 60612

    • When will I get my results?

      -     Your physician will discuss the results with you immediately after the
      procedure.  However, if there are any biopsies taken, you may be asked to schedule a return visit at a future date to discuss the results.


      Instructions for Surgery

      • Anesthesia pre-operative evaluation (APEC) clinic appointments

        -     APEC appointments are intended for patients undergoing surgery and/or colonoscopy, as determined necessary by your doctor or nurse. Your pre-operative blood tests, EKG and/or chest x-ray will all be done during this visit.  You will meet with both an anesthesiologist and a nurse practitioner to determine if any further studies or consults will be required prior to your surgery. 
        -     If you have had any of these tests done by an outside facility/doctor’s office within 4-6 weeks of your APEC appointment, please bring them to this appointment as you will be asked for copies, if not already faxed to your specialist.
        -     If you have been set up for an APEC appointment and need to reschedule or confirm the date and time, please call (312)996-7487.
        -     APEC address: Main hospital, 1740 W. Taylor – 3rd floor, Room 3300
        -     For any patients with HMO insurances, please ensure to bring a copy of your APEC referral from your primary care physician.

      • Where do I go for surgery?

        Main Hospital 1740 W. Taylor
        Third floor, Room 3300
        Chicago, IL. 60612


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