The following aniamtions are for educational purposes only. These are older animations developed as concepual demonstrations for projects we are currently working on. While these animations are based on existing work of illustrators, our new endeavors take advantage of human embryo data sets from the Carnegie Collection, yielding more accurate systemic changes and growth over time. We will post these new animations as they become available. Hopefully you will find some use for these older animations. We apologize for the large download the time these were developed, we really didn't have any knowledge of compression..

APSA Presentations (06/07/03)

Mark Holterman Presentation (16.0 MB MS Power Point)
  To see animations on presentation download the following zip files and unzip all the
files and download the presentation to same folder.
1.   2.   3.   4.

Maurice Pescitelli Presentation (5.11 MB MS Power Point)

Latest Animations (06/05/03)
Facial Animation(3quarter) (2.66 MB Quicktime)
Facial Animation(Front) (2.63 MB Quicktime)
Facial Animation(Side) (2.47 MB Quicktime)
Body Folding (24.8 MB Quicktime)

Fertilization v1 (3.53 MB Quicktime)
Fertilization v2 (2.81 MB Quicktime)

Implantation/bilaminar disc/primary-secondary yolk sac ( 33.14 MB Quicktime)
Ectoderm, Mesoderm, Notochord growth (10.99 MB Quicktime)
Day 21-28 external-part1 (6 MB Quicktime)
Day 21-28 external-part2 (6 MB Quicktime)
Atrial Septation small ( 4.26 MB Quicktime)
Atrial Sepation large (25.39 MB Quicktime)
Heart Tube formation - chicken heart. (2.38 MB Quicmtime)
Heart Looping small (7.32 MB Quicktime)
Heart Looping large (41 MB Quicktime)
Single Heart Tube (2.38 MB Quicktime)
External Growth large (87MB Quicktime)
External Growth small (45.5 MB Quicktime)

Embryo folding (5.74 MB Quicktime)

Animations based on Carnegie Collection:
Stomach (1.10 MB Quicktime)
12-14 Growth1 (1.98 MB Quicktime)
12-14 Growth2 (895 KB Quicktime)
Stage12 (1.73 MB Quicktime)
Stage14 (2.06 MB Quicktime)
Stage 12-18 foregut:
  - lateral (1.98 MB Quicktime)
  - 3/4 (2.42 MB Quicktime)
  - anterior (1.68 MB Quicktime)
  - posterior (2.77 MB Quicktime)
  - 3 views in 1 (1.87 MB Quicktime)

Process animation.