Tools for Improving Embryology Education

Mark Holterman, MD, PhD

Assoc Prof Surgery

Division of Pediatric Surgery

University of Illinois at Chicago


Embryology Resources


Human Developmental Anatomy Center. Collections. Databases. Bibliography. Links.


Resource site with links to teaching resources.


Atlases of Embryonic Development


3-D Interactive Atlas of Mouse Embryo; microMRI Atlas of Mouse Development.


3-D Digital Atlas of Mouse embryology. Some annotation. Also available on CD.


The Multi-Dimensional Human Embryo. Atlas of MRM images of Carnegie stages

 13 to 23.


Learning Programs


Embryo Images Normal and Abnormal Mammalian Development is a tutorial that uses

 scanning electron micrographs (SEMs)


Simbryo is select animations of embryological process on CD bundled with Langman’s Medical Embryology. 9th ed. T.W. Sadler.


Basic Embryonic Review Program. University of Pennsylvania. Demo only. Commercial version available.


UNSW Embryology. Dr. Mark Hill. Human Embryology. Animations. Stage information

and notes.


Cardiovascular Embryology. Text, useful diagrams and animations (developed at UIC).


Embryology of the CNS  by Marvin Sodicoff, Ph.D.  Text and figures. No animations.


Clinical Human Embryology program from Gold Standard Multimedia. For individual use. Not available for use in classroom.




Embryological development of the Human web site. University of Illinois – Chicago.


William Larsen's Human Embryology. Animations and supplemental material for



Eight brief QuickTime and Shockwave/Flash animations to visual select aspects of cardiovascular development.


Several Quicktime movies showing MRMs of mouse embryos from Scientific American article.





The discovery channel site: fetal development videos; pregnancy FAQs


Images and animations of Human Development. Aimed at parents.


Mouseworks Visible Embryo program. Graphical summary of human development.