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Surgical Education Lab

The Surgical Education Laboratories were developed to provide medical professionals with an opportunity to practice surgical techniques in a non-clinical setting. The goal of this facility is to improve the overall quality of patient care while lower surgical training costs. Surgeons have an opportunity to build competency, prior to performing a procedure on a patient. General Surgery residents rotate to this facility on a regular basis.

The surgical education labs utilize the latest technologies in surgery. The facility is equipped with two state of the art rooms, one for robotic surgery with the new Advance robotic system and one for laparoscopy with five state-of-the-art video towers for practice of endoscopic surgery. In addition, various simulation training models are available and used to practice minimally invasive surgeries. Residents have the opportunity to become familiar with state-of-the-art technologies in a laboratory setting.

In addition, the center is equipped with cameras, fiber optics, and monitors that allow for the real-broadcasting of surgical procedures and geographically distributed conferencing. The auditorium of the MISC is equipped with a large projection screen for viewing surgical procedures, as well as microphone and interface with capabilities to send questions to the performing surgeon.

The UIC MISC also has the capacity to link to remote sites throughout the world. This allows for the transmission of live surgical procedures to medical centers and universities in other cities and even other countries. It also allows for two-way communication between surgeon and audience as well as between distributed groups.


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