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Mark Holterman, MD

1.) Waldhausen JHT, Holterman MJ and Tapper D., "Identification and Surgical Management of Cystic Retroperitoneal Lymphangiomas in Children",  Ped Surg Int. 11:283-85, (1996).

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8.) Zhao Y, Lin B, Darflinger R, Zhang Y, Holterman MJ, Skidgel RA. Human cord blood stem cell-modulated regulatory T lymphocytes reverse the autoimmune-caused type 1 diabetes in nonobese diabetic (NOD) mice. PLoS ONE. 2009;4(1):e4226. Epub 2009 Jan 19.

9.) Dingeldein MW, Lu CY, Kim AW, Ostric S, Liptay MJ, Holterman MJ. Simultaneous costal cartilage-sparing modified Ravitch procedure and latissimus dorsi transfer for chest wall deformity repair in Poland's syndrome. J Pediatr Surg. 2009 Jan;44(1):e29-32.

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Robert Arensman, MD – Publications

1.)  Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) for Newborn Respiratory Failure, W. Loe, E. Graves J. Ochsner, K. Falterman, and R. Arensman, J. Pediatric Surgery 20:6 684 688, Dec. 1985.

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17.)   An Overview of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Therapy, M.B. Madonna, R.M. Arensman. Indian J. Pediatrics 64(3), 287-301, 1997 May-June.


Thomas Weber, MD – Publications

1.) Weber TR, Kountzman, B: Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Non- Neonatal Pulmonary and Multiple-Organ Failure. J Pediatric Surg 33:1605-1609, 1998.

2.) Weber TR, Fortuna RS, Silen ML, and Dillon PA: Reoperation for Hirschsprung’s Disease. J Pediatr Surg 34:153-157, 1999.

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10.)Weber TR. Further experience with the operative management of asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy after pectus repair. J Pediatr Surg 2005;40:170-173.

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